Therapeutics, a clinical stage biotechnology company, today announced the formation and appointment of its PCA™ Regenerative Medicine Scientific Advisory Board.

“We are spearheading the movement to harness the body’s innate regenerative potential with our Progenitor Cell Activation (PCA™) platform that we are calling ‘PCA Regeneration’. As our lead program for hearing regeneration advances on schedule, we are pleased to formally acknowledge the input from the world’s leading stem cell and regenerative medicine experts who are guiding both our hearing program and additional therapeutic opportunities for our PCA Regeneration platform. These men and women share in our vision for developing a new generation of regenerative medicines that reduce the complexity of traditional techniques with a simpler and faster approach to treating disease,” said Frequency’s CEO David Lucchino.

This new era of PCA regenerative medicine utilizes small molecules locally administered to stimulate dormant cells in the body’s niche micro-environment to address biological deficits and restore healthy tissue, without the complexity of cell and gene therapy. This novel approach has the potential to yield a whole new category of disease-modifying therapeutics for a wide range of conditions.

Frequency has brought together world-renowned scientists and researchers with extensive expertise in the fields of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. The PCA Regenerative Medicine SAB will guide and support Frequency’s leadership in advancing a next-generation approach to regenerative medicine with the potential to fully realize the power of the body’s own repair capabilities.

The Board members include:

“Recent decades have seen the dawn of innovative medical technologies such as gene editing, gene therapy, and siRNA, each of which has brought us closer to treating and curing innumerable genetic diseases,” said Dr. Rubin. “But, in just the last decade, biologists have come to realize the possibility that natural progenitors, already existing in many human tissues, including muscle and brain, can be mobilized to maintain or restore tissue function. It is this new frontier of medicine and its promise which has motivated me to join Frequency’s advisory board, and to help guide the Company’s mission to develop its PCA technology as a whole new, potentially safer and simpler approach to treating disease.”

“We are honored to welcome this esteemed group of individuals to help steer Frequency’s scientific direction towards ground-breaking discoveries in multiple disease indications through the use of small molecules to activate the body’s repair processes,” said Chris Loose, Ph.D., Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Frequency. “Frequency’s work in the field of Progenitor Cell Activation is leading the charge on the next-generation of regenerative medicine in which target cells in the body are activated on demand to restore or create healthy tissue. We look forward to the insights and guidance from our advisors as we work to rapidly expand our pipeline beyond hearing loss, such as alopecia, and muscle repair.”

The Frequency Therapeutics Regenerative Medicine Scientific Advisory Board:

Frequency’s precise and controlled approach transiently causes Lgr5+ progenitor cells to divide and differentiate, much like what is seen in naturally regenerating tissues such as the skin and intestine. Frequency activates ‘stemness’ through mimicking signals provided by neighboring cells (the stem cell niche) with small molecules, and this proprietary approach is known as the Progenitor Cell Activation (PCA™) Regeneration platform. Frequency believes that PCA Regeneration has the potential to yield a whole new category of disease-modifying therapeutics for a wide range of degenerative conditions. To fuel its drug discovery programs, Frequency is leveraging a PCA screening platform using primary human cells, including cochlear progenitor cells and adult human progenitor cells from the GI tract. Potential applications include hearing loss, skin disorders and gastrointestinal.

Frequency Therapeutics develops small molecule drugs to stimulate cells in the body to reverse biological deficits and restore healthy tissue. Through the transitory activation of these cells, Frequency enables disease modification without the complexity of genetic engineering. Our breakthrough therapy uses a proprietary combination of small-molecule drugs that induce dormant progenitor cells to multiply and create new cells. Our platform technology is founded on discoveries in progenitor cell biology by Bob Langer, Sc.D. at MIT and Jeff Karp, Ph.D., at Harvard, with contributions from Xiaolei Yin, Ph.D. and other members of the Karp Lab at Harvard and Brigham & Women's Hospital..